Clogged Drains, How to deal with them.

Clogged Drains, How to deal with them.

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Clogged and blocked drains can ruin your plumbing system very quickly. Calling in the plumbers will give you the help you need, but this can be very expensive. They have the latest technology available, but that is not always what is necessary to unclog your drains and blockages to your plumbing system. Your goal may just be to unclog the drains without using harsh or dangerous chemicals. Remember that the professionals are there to help. However, many people prefer to try to unclog and unblock their own drains first, before calling in the experts.
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It may seem like your drains in the kitchen and bathroom get clogged on a regular basis. We can recommend some green ways to keep your drains open, without using powerful industrial chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. These industrial products usually contain acid, lye, or other chemicals, and can be dangerous in many ways – including your wastewater system, the PVC pipes, as well as to your health.

You may want to use a more gentle and natural approach to keeping your drains from getting clogged. Many health food stores now carry natural cleaners that are bacteria-based enzyme cleaners. Pouring a cup of baking soda down your drain will also work in many cases, if followed by pouring three or four cups of boiling water down the drain immediately afterwards. This works as long as water has not yet begun to back up in your drain. This is effective because the chemical composition of the baking soda is then changed by the boiling water, which makes it more alkaline.

Your toilets, showers, laundry areas, and sinks can easily become clogged for a whole variety of reasons. Sometimes the drain may become sluggish but will not be completely clogged. Before you call in the plumbers, try running the hot water for about ten or fifteen minutes. You will often find that this will open the drain, at least partially. Sometimes you can also remove the basket strainer from a sink’s drain, and then carefully use a plunger to open up the clogged drains completely.

When a fixture such as your sink, tub, or toilet will not drain properly or has become very slow to drain, you know there is a drain blockage somewhere in your plumbing system. No matter what the problem turns out to be, it must be repaired quickly to avoid further plumbing problems. Try the do-it-yourself methods described here to see if that will solve your problem.

If you are not pleased with the results of your own efforts at unclogging your drains and blockages, it may be time to call in the experts. They will also check the water pressure and other important plumbing functions in your house.

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