Battling Against Mosquitoes on the Home Front

Battling Against Mosquitoes on the Home Front

Home Pest Control: Battling Against Mosquitoes on the Home Front

by: Sarah Yee

In addition to the fact that mosquitoes are both annoying and cause some level of discomfort when you’re unfortunate enough to be the entree on their daily menu, they also carry disease which can affect the animal, bird and human populations. In order to keep the possibility of such a fate to a minimum, you’ll need to initiate steps to control these pests in the home environment.
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Water that accumulates in tires, buckets and other types of outdoor containers provide a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Your yard should be carefully inspected for any signs of pooled water that might attract these insects. It doesn’t take much to entice mosquitoes to hang around, once they’ve found a swampy area that they can call home.

Gutters should be checked on a regular basis, in order to avoid the accumulation of leaves and other objects that might form a blockage. When this happens, water can accumulate and offer the irresistible temptation for mosquitoes to breed. This is especially true in those climates which experience autumn, since fallen leaves are abundant and the foliage is often damp due to rain.

Children’s wading pools can be the equivalent of a spa for mosquitoes. Be sure to empty the pool at least once each week and refill it with fresh water, if the pool is in constant use. When it’s not being used, empty and dry it thoroughly and store it indoors – within a storage shed, basement, garage or other structure that can accommodate its dimensions.
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Make it a point to fill holes or depressions in the ground around your home, as well as hollow stumps or holes within the trunks of trees. These, too, can gather water and lure mosquitoes to nest in the area. Be sure not to use foliage, grass or some other type of natural product that might serve to retain water and become akin to a comfy mattress on the mosquitoes’ bed.

Screens, doors, windows and other entryways that may contain holes or other violations of their integrity should be repaired in order to keep mosquitoes from entering the home. Of course, it goes without saying that doors and windows that don’t include screens should never be left ajar. This would be the equivalent of ringing the dinner bell for these pesky insects.

If you should happen to have an ornamental water garden on your property, be sure to keep the water stocked with mosquito-eating fish, such as goldfish, minnows or guppies. When mosquitoes hover over the water – which they’re inclined to do – the fish will eat them and help to reduce their population around your home.

Other precautions, such as covering trash cans, barrels and stored boats will also help your efforts at pest control, but don’t rely on bug zappers. These do very little to discourage mosquitoes from taking residence around your home. Your focus should, instead, be on ridding yourself of the excess water that may have accumulated in key points around your property. pest control - mosquitos
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The results of Braces will make you Smile

The results of Braces will make you Smile

BRACES MAY BE ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO CREATE a smile you love to share. Knowing this, many people still shy away from this option because they don’t want to deal with the hassle and embarrassment traditional braces can cause. At Orthodontics Limited we understand these could be concerns for patients of all ages.orthodonticssee our website

That’s why our Orthodontists are proud to give you multiple options for your orthodontic care, including lingual braces.

What are lingual braces?

This great new advancement in orthodontics gives you the opportunity to have braces that attach to the inside surface of your teeth, also known as the “lingual” area. After taking a simple mold of your teeth we can design a custom plan that fits brackets on the inside, making your orthodontic care invisible to the rest of the world. For more information, a short video that explains lingual braces can be found on our website.

Are you a good candidate?

If you have previously avoided braces because you don’t want the look of that bulky metal for months, lingual braces may be your solution. Lingual braces are also good for those who can’t use our Invisalign due to plastic sensitivity. Another advantage to lingual braces is for those who play high contact sports, which make traditional bulky braces unsuitable.
lingual braces
What’s next?

It’s important to remember that lingual braces are not offered at all orthodontic offices. This type of system involves extra training and certification, and Drs. Gemmi and Middleberg are both confident in offering their patients this service. To find out more about lingual braces, and how they can be an option for your new smile, contact us today. With a simple consultation we can let you know how lingual braces can work for you.

Feel free to contact us on Facebooktoo! Our online tools are set up to make Orthodontics Limited more accessible and helpful to you. Like our page to see more about our office, and keep up on promotions or events we have going on.orthodontics

Fleck Water Softeners always pure water

Fleck Water Softeners always pure water

Fleck Water Softeners always pure water

As you know, most of our body consists from water. It can bring life or it can take it back. This happens quite often: floods, landslides, tsunamis – all it does happen. But at the same time, thanks to it, everything is alive and growing: birds sing, flowers bloom. You should not use bad water for watering flowers, they immediately fade. But why is this happening? This happens because it can be hard or poisoned by any harmful impurities. And we drink this water, not realizing that things which happen with flower can happen to us. To avoid this, there are many kinds of domestic and industrial filters, cleaning it, softeners, which made soft water from hard. What is the hardness, why do we need water softened, what is a fleck water softener? Let’s talk about it.Fleck Water Softener why to install in your homeWater Softener

Hardness is determined by the presence of calcium and magnesium salts. In case of their small amount the water becomes soft, and in case of their large amounts the water becomes hard. There is a temporary, permanent and total hardness. Permanent hardness is dependent on content of chlorides, sulfates, calcium and magnesium. When boiling, these elements are precipitated, and turn into an ordinary scale. Why is it so important? Hard water dries your skin; while washing in it the foam is formed badly. And in the interaction with detergents soap residues appear. This entails the formation of stains on clothes and skin.
To solve this problem, you should use fleck water softener, which lowers the level of rigidity. Soft water is good for the human skin; it does not leave scum stains on clothes. If you use fleck water softener you will need less detergents for washing than with hard water.Fleck Water Softener is exactly what you need

Softener is selected individually for each client after the water analysis. It works by using a certain type of salt that is added to the reagent tank. With this process, you can control the level of rigidity. The softer the water, so it is better and healthier for your body. See what comes up in the kettle after boiling – the same is deposited in our kidneys. And then we run to the doctor, so he helped us get rid of kidney stones or sand. To avoid this, use fleck water softener in our daily lives.soft water
And you’ll have a guarantee to avoid many health problems. Now there is a lot of different equipment for water softening. However, the most flexible, effective and virtually waste-free water softeners is fleck water softeners. This type of water softeners is much cheaper, smaller and do not create any noise, and have no side effects. An important parameter is the time of cleaning and the amount of water that can be cleared for a certain period of time. In comparison with existing analogs, fleck water softener here shows the best results. The combination of the process for water softening with other processes, gives the best results. If you made a decision to install fleck water softener, you have to pay your attention to the fleck water softener.
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