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Drain Cleaning | Sewer Cleaning

Drain Cleaning | Sewer Cleaning

Drain Cleaning | Sewer Cleaning

First Class Plumbing Inc

Normally we don’t pay much attention towards the plumbing system and the sewer lines of our house. This is the main reason that we call a plumber because our sewer line is giving us some trouble. In such cases, either the whole sewer line has to be snaked opened, repaired or it needs to be replaced altogether. A better idea is to maintain your sewer drain lines to prevent the sewer from backups. When you pay attention towards maintaining your drain lines you may be able to increase their life time.clogged pipes

When you are using a lot oil or grease in your daily food then it can make it difficult to maintain your drain lines. Oil has fat particles that stick to the surface of drain lines and makes it difficult for the water to flow easily through them.

It is wise to take certain steps in your home and even in your place of business to easily reduce the risk of having backups and clogs in your sewer drain pipelines. You can find many cleaning agents and chemicals on the market. These will have the capability to digest the bacteria and enzymes which are normally found in food that causes them to stick to the inner surface of drain pipes. You should be using these chemicals as a maintaining agent on an every other month basis so you can prevent the backups and clogging in your main drain pipes. These products will be more effective depending on the type of blockage you have got in your drain lines. The cleaning agent will be able to clean it completely or partially. However, when you use these chemicals on an every other month basis you will be increasing the life time of your sewer pipes easily.

When you are experiencing drain problems it is advisable to hire a professional Master Plumber who specializes in drain cleaning maintenance for cleaning the blockage and backups in your drain line. You may also want to keep you lines clear after this by having them cleaned out every six months or at least once a year.

Other reasons for having a blockage the in sewer lines are their structure, tree roots and even deterioration as well. The key is to catch the problem as early as possible. You should always hire a professional plumber to do this job for you. When you suspect tree roots or deterioration it is wise to have a sewer camera inspection. The inspection will let you know exactly what the problem is with you main sewer line.

You should not let any such waste material or debris such as sand, soot, wood or other building materials in the drain line. Believe it or not this is a big problem we see on a lot of house where heavy backups occurs.

There should be garbage disposal system attached with your drain lines as well. In this way, only those waste materials will go through the drain lines that can flow with water easily. Lastly, let the water flow openly in the drain line at least once in a day so that any waste material can flow with it and doesn’t cause blockage in the sewer drain line.

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How an Air Conditioner Works

How an Air Conditioner Works

How Air Conditioning Works

The first step to keeping your cooling system in good shape is to understand how san antonio air conditioning works. Well, here is your answer!How Air Conditioning Works.

Air conditioning has changed the way a lot of people live in this modern world. Stepping out of the hot and humid outdoors into an air conditioned building is like stepping into a completely different climate zone. It is very rare home or building that is built today that does not include central air conditioning. It has moved in a few short years from a luxury to a necessity. The scientific principle behind air conditioning is the heat exchange properties of condensation and evaporation. more @ this source
Air Conditioning
The basic substance that enables the majority of air condition units to operate is known as Freon. Actually, Freon is the brand name for Dupont’s R-22 refrigerant. The scientific name is halogenated chlorofluorocarbons (CFC). Freon has become the common use name for all types of R-22 refrigerant. CFCs are used in many air conditioning units because the heat exchange properties are very good during the condensation and evaporation cycles. The substance is associated with ozone loss, and is strictly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency. Air Conditioning Technicians must be certified by the EPA in order to handle R-22 refrigerants.
The evaporation and condensation cycle is the secret to how the air conditioning process actually takes place. It begins with a compressor that turns low pressure, cool gas refrigerant into high pressure, hot gas vapor. The hot vapor moves through a series of coils where it dissipates its heat and condenses into a liquid. The liquid moves through an expansion value where it evaporates into a cold vapor. The cold vapor passes through a second set of coils where it contacts the ambient air and cools the air by absorbing the heat. The cooled vapor is pulled into the compressor and the cycle begins again. It is this constant cycle of high to low pressure and liquid to gas form that allows the heat to be removed from the ambient air and that air to be cooled for circulation.
There is a fan associated with the air conditioning system. The purpose is to draw air into ducts where it passes over the cool coil part of the cycle, and then blows it back into the building. The air is also dehumidified during this process. This occurs as a result of the warm air passing over the cooling coils. The air gives up some its excess moisture which condenses on the outside of the coils much the way water forms on the outside of an ice cold drink glass on a hot day. The water drips off the coils and out of through a drain.

This type of air conditioning uses the same principles as a common refrigerator. The difference is that the air is not circulated in the refrigerator but is retained in a confined space and thus cools to a low temperature. This same method is also used in automobile air conditioning systems. There are other methods of cooling air inside larger buildings. Heat pumps draw hot air from the building and discharge it outside, pulling cooler air in to replace it. Cooling towers are another means of cooling large buildings. Cooling towards use water rather than refrigerant, and so are more environmentally safe, but are also much less effective in maintaining the low temperatures of evaporation/condensation type units. air conditioning san antonio:

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Clogged Drains, How to deal with them.

Clogged Drains, How to deal with them.

Clogged Drains Texas | Texas Plumbers

Clogged and blocked drains can ruin your plumbing system very quickly. Calling in the plumbers will give you the help you need, but this can be very expensive. They have the latest technology available, but that is not always what is necessary to unclog your drains and blockages to your plumbing system. Your goal may just be to unclog the drains without using harsh or dangerous chemicals. Remember that the professionals are there to help. However, many people prefer to try to unclog and unblock their own drains first, before calling in the experts.
clogged pipes

It may seem like your drains in the kitchen and bathroom get clogged on a regular basis. We can recommend some green ways to keep your drains open, without using powerful industrial chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. These industrial products usually contain acid, lye, or other chemicals, and can be dangerous in many ways – including your wastewater system, the PVC pipes, as well as to your health.

You may want to use a more gentle and natural approach to keeping your drains from getting clogged. Many health food stores now carry natural cleaners that are bacteria based enzyme cleaners. Pouring a cup of baking soda down your drain will also work in many cases, if followed by pouring three or four cups of boiling water down the drain immediately afterwards. This works as long as water has not yet begun to back up in your drain. This is effective because the chemical composition of the baking soda is then changed by the boiling water, which makes it more alkaline.

Your toilets, showers, laundry areas, and sinks can easily become clogged for a whole variety of reasons. Sometimes the drain may become sluggish, but will not be completely clogged. Before you call in the plumbers, try running the hot water for about ten or fifteen minutes. Many times you will find that this will open the drain, at least partially. Sometimes you can also remove the basket strainer from a sink’s drain, and then carefully use a plunger to open up the clogged drains completely.

When a fixture such as your sink, tub, or toilet will not drain properly, or has become very slow to drain, you know there is a drain blockage somewhere in your plumbing system. No matter what the problem turns out to be, it must be repaired quickly to avoid further plumbing problems. Try the do-it-yourself methods described here to see if that will solve your problem.

If you are not pleased with the results of your own efforts at unclogging your drains and blockages, it may be time to call in the experts. They will also check the water pressure and other important plumbing functions in your house.

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